Dr. Job Asad DC, BSc

Doctor of Chiropractic

Functional Movement Specialist

Staff Chiropractor Ian Williams

Dr. Job Asad DC, BSc
Doctor of Chiropractic

 I knew early on I wanted to help others.  I worked with my father from the age of 6, he was a gas station clerk.  I was giving people directions, treats and fuel!  Now i do the same, just with my hands.  What drew me into chiropractic was the concept that health starts from within, not from anything supplemental. With that in mind, the potential in balancing the nervous system’s function and the body’s capability to heal itself is, really, limitless.  And to be able to provide that potential almost instantaneously…not many modes of healthcare can provide positive results as quickly as we can with chiropractic care.

I studied Biology at the California Polytechnic University of Pomona. My background is SCIENCE.   This is why the techniques and approach we use in the office is practical, sensible, and reproducible. I attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA for grad school. I was Student Body Vice President my last term and Production Editor of the school’s paper throughout my time there. I volunteered with Mission Trip America(MTA) where I provided the less fortunate with pro-bono care alongside a select group of my colleagues.  I try to volunteer as often as possible and am always open to hearing about new opportunities.

In my free time, I MOVE, cook, sleep, and connect with my loved ones.  I love long distance running, golfing, lifting, break-dancing, snowboarding, fishing and camping.  My main objective and purpose is to help others elevate themselves.




California Polytechnic University in Pomona

Life Chiropractic Callege West


Trigger Point Therapy
X-ray Examination
Clinical Traction
Neuro-Muscular Education
Self-Mobility Techniques


Spinal Stabilization &    Strengthening

Exercise & Fitness
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Full Spine
Holistic Care
Shoulder Injuries