Shandalla Rigby has over 15 years of experience in natural medicine.  She specializes in holistic wellness and offers many services to reflect that.  Shandalla specializes in treating chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, injury/auto accidents, inflammation, mental and emotional concerns, plus many other health issues.  She is well known for her gentle acupuncture style, and patients lover her virtually pain-free acupuncture treatments!

Services offered include:

Acupuncture – tiny needles are inserted into specific points based on your health concerns

Nutritional therapy – treat your health concerns and inflammation with diet and nutritional changes, or a customized nutrition plan can be put together for you based on Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Philosophy.

Trigger point injections – release your trigger points with therapeutic injections

Cupping therapy – Chinese cups are placed on specific points easing tension throughout the body to help release muscle pain and treat symptoms.

Therapeutic Tui Na – Chinese style massage is combined with acupuncture treatments to decrease pain and ease tight muscles.