Diana Hester

Staff Chiropractor Ian Williams

Diana Hester
Licensed in Acupuncture


Born and raised in Beijing, DIANA DONG HESTER’s relationship with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) started in her early childhood when family doctor Grandpa Xu’s herbal therapy saved her from chronic bronchitis.  She later became fascinated by acupuncture in high school, and her passion for medicine further developed as an army nurse during China’s Cultural Revolution.

Diana later pursued her interest in music and quickly became one of the top pop vocalists in China in the 80’s.  On a full scholarship, she then moved to Texas to study jazz history and performance.  And after working 7 years as a cross-cultural trainer for American and Chinese businesses in Chicago, Diana returned to her Chinese roots and love for their 5000-year-old art of healing.

Diana received her Master’s degree with honors in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM).  Her studies included classroom + clinical training in Chinese herbs, Chinese + Japanese acupuncture approaches, body manipulation (tui na) and channel palpation, nutrition and dietary therapy, western biomedicine, and translation/analysis of ancient Chinese medical writings and modern Chinese medical journals.  Diana is a national board certified and licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, and founded TaiHE Healing + Health in 2008.  Her practice builds on her extensive experience in women’s health, pain management, as well as many other acute and chronic ailments.  Her treatment is personalized; with a goal to strengthen each human body she encounters to ultimately heal itself without doctors.  Outside her office, Diana is a proud mother of two, a long-time tai chi instructor, and a Chinese tea connoisseur.

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