Licensed Massage Practitioner

Licensed Massage Practitioner


Shandalla moved here from Kansas City, MO in 2003 to attend university. When she moved here, she discovered a love for natural medicine and decided to attend massage school at Ashmead College. After graduation in 2004, she went back to the mid west to practice, but returned to Seattle 6 mos later. Since that time she has studied many healing modalities and finished her undergrad degree at WWU and furthered her education at Bastyr University, where she graduated with her M.Sc. in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

Shandalla is currently in the process of becoming an East Asian Medical Practitioner and L.Ac. She is a firm believer in integrated medicine and recommends it regularly. In her 10 years as a healer, she has become a Reiki master, studied Chinese Medicine, Cupping, Reflexology, and also works as a Doula. Shandalla is also a humanitarian and travels globally to volunteer her services to those in need. She specializes in tissue reading and is able to tailor her treatments to the needs of the patient and is well-versed in Women's Health and Wellness, pregnancy massage, and treatment work helping those in need recover and reach optimal well being.

Laurie VanKleeck, LMP