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Massage Services

Treat pain, heal injuries, and manage chronic conditions with the restorative properties of massage therapy.

Benefits of Massage

People seek massage therapy for various reasons – whether looking to reduce stress/anxiety, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles and promote overall health and wellness. Benefits of massage include:

- Enhanced tissue healing
- Reduced muscular tension
- Improved blood and lymph flow
- Greater flexibility and range of motion
- Relief of tension-related conditions (Headaches, eyestrain, and jaw issues)
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Increased blood circulation, allowing for expanded lung capacity, stamina, and efficiency.

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Our Massage Services

Our experienced massage therapists work with each individual’s needs and comfort levels to safely treat chronic pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, inflammation, pinched nerves, and more. The massage therapy treatments at our Bellevue wellness clinic include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are a relaxing treatment used to massage tired and tight muscles and energize the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works out muscles knots and connective tissue to treat joint and muscle pain. Deep tissue massages promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massages use a smooth, gentle, flowing technique to promote relaxation, relax tired muscles, and improve blood circulation and range of movement.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage alleviates the pain and stress of pregnancy by massaging tired and overworked muscles and connective tissues. Prenatal massage can help reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, regulate hormone levels, help increase blood circulation, and reduce swelling - everything that helps a pregnancy progress smoothly and safely.

Sports Massage

Sports massages are focused on specific muscles in the body that are causing the patient pain and discomfort.

CBD Massage

CBD can help reduce inflammation and sooth muscle pain. Combined with massage therapy, CBD can be a useful treatment for various aches and pains.

Cupping Therapy

An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping therapy involves placing special cups on the skin to create a suction effect. This treatment expands the blood vessels and may help treat pain and inflammation and promote blood flow and relaxation.

Trigger Point Therapy

During trigger point therapy, a massage therapist applies pressure to muscle knots, then stretches the muscles through a complete range of motion.

Medical Massage

Medical massages are used to treat injuries and chronic conditions. Medical massages can help restore range of motion, break up scar tissue, improve blood circulation, and reduce pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage focused on pushing lymph fluid out of swollen parts of the body caused by lymphedema.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release focuses on stretching and massaging the myofascia of the face to release muscle tension.

IASTM (Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization)

IASTM is a massage using instruments instead of hands to apply pressure to muscles and connective tissues.

Family Massage Services

Our massage therapy services are available to all members of your family. From children to adults, babies to seniors, every member of the family can benefit from the restorative properties of massage therapy.
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