Massage Therapy

People seek massage therapy for various reasons – whether looking to reduce stress/anxiety, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles and promote overall health and wellness.

Purpose of massage

  • Enhance Tissue Healing
  • Reduce Muscular Tension
  • Improve Blood and Lymph Flow
  • Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Relief of Tension-Related Conditions (Headaches, Eyestrain and Jaw Issues)
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Increase Blood Circulation, Allowing for Expanded Lung Capacity, Stamina, and Efficiency.

Our massage practitioners are very well experienced and primarily focus on medical massage. They try to correct problem areas of the body.  Each of our massage practitioner’s has their own styles and techniques. They are welcome to feedback especially when it comes to pressure or areas of concern. The goal is to find which will work the best for the client.