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Acupuncture Services

Manage pain and improve health and wellbeing with the restorative properties of acupuncture.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Chinese healing arts of acupuncture and herbal medicine were developed through 5,000 years of practice and observation. Like modern western medicine, Chinese medicine is a systematic, organized, and highly refined practice. Today, many western physicians and the World Health Organization recognize acupuncture and herbs for their effectiveness in a variety of conditions. The spectrum of illness for which acupuncture has proven evidence for efficacy is rapidly expanding.


Acupuncture is known for balancing and regulating the functional aspects of the body – maintaining proper movement of the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract functions for example. Acupuncture is also excellent for regulating blood and energy flow within the body, thus helps relax tension, stress and stagnation.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is very effective for building up the body’s fundamental reserves and toning physical components such as blood and fluids, as well as warmth and energy. Also, herbal medicine is often the most appropriate choice of treatment in acute ailments where there is significant infection or inflammation, as traditional Chinese herbs have high anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal functions.

Combined Therapy (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine)

Acupuncture and herbal therapies work hand in hand to best help strengthen and regulate the body’s healthy functioning in most cases. In other scenarios, each alone might suffice. A patient may prefer one to the other for personal reasons.

We often work with patients and their western doctors to develop a treatment plan that complements and supports their primary health care regime. For instance, Chinese medicine can be useful in countering or minimizing some of the significant adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs, especially in situations like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The understanding of both philosophies can help target our Chinese medical treatments and improve the treatment outcomes.

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Our Acupuncture Services

Our experienced acupuncturist works with each individual’s needs and comfort levels to safely treat chronic pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, inflammation, pinched nerves, and more. The acupuncture treatments at our Bellevue wellness clinic include:


A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture uses the insertion of needles in the skin of specific acupuncture points of the body to balance energy flow and stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. Spiritually, acupuncture uses the body’s extraordinary meridians to guide Qi energy throughout the body for a balanced yin and yang and optimal healing and wellbeing. Physically, acupuncture activates nerve fibers and muscles to boost the body’s natural painkillers.


Like traditional acupuncture sessions, needles are inserted into the skin on specific acupuncture points of the body. Unlike traditional acupuncture, electrodes are then attached to the needles to stimulate the nerves and muscles evenly, safely, and quickly. Electroacupuncture activates nerve fibers and is believed to increase blood flow, triggering the body to release endorphins, which help to reduce inflammation. This may help to treat persistent or chronic pain and stress.

Cupping Therapy

An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping therapy involves placing special cups on the skin to create a suction effect. This treatment expands the blood vessels and may help treat pain and inflammation and promote blood flow and relaxation.

Scraping Therapy/ Gua Sha

Scraping therapy involves scraping the skin with an instrument to improve blood circulation. This helps break down scar tissue and promotes a better healing environment for the soft tissue.


Acupressure is based on the healing techniques of acupuncture, but instead of needles, this technique involves a therapist placing pressure on the specific acupoints. This method can help release muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Heat Therapy/Infrared Heat

Heat therapy applied to sore, tight, or injured muscles can sooth pain, increase muscle flexibility, and heal damaged tissue. Infrared waves are used to safely and effectively provide a deep, penetrating heat.

Ear Acupuncture/Auricular Acupuncture

This method of acupuncture focuses on the ear to provide targeted effects of acupuncture.

Ear seeds

Ear seed therapy involves attaching seeds to the ears on specific acupressure points, then massaging these seeds to provide an acupressure treatment. Ear seeds may stay on the ears for up to a week, allowing the patient to massage the ear seeds and continue the healing effects for several days.


Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion involves burning mugwort herb leaves close to the skin, applying heat to the body.

Family Acupuncture Services

Our acupuncture treatments are available to all members of your family. From children to adults, babies to seniors, every member of the family can benefit from the restorative properties of acupuncture.
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