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Can a Chiropractor Help with Knee Pain?

Dec 16, 2016

The knee is made up of four bones, the femur, patella, tibia and fibula. The femur is the top leg bone, the patella is the knee cap and the tibia/fibula make up the bottom leg. All these bones are connected to each other by supporting tissue. These supporting tissue are the ligaments, muscles, menisci and the bursae. If one of these bones is not in the correct position it puts stress on the the supporting tissue causing pain.

The knee is a very interesting joint. If there is an issue in the foot or the hip it can cause extra stress on the knee causing pain when really the problem is elsewhere.

What does chiropractic do?

At our office we make sure the alignment of these bones is in the proper positioning. Once the alignment is correct the supporting tissue is no longer stressed and is able to heal. We also make sure the supporting muscles are balanced. Our main goal is to find the exact cause of the knee pain. It may not necessarily be caused by an issue in the knee.

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