Joshua Winslow D.C.

Staff Chiropractor Ian Williams

Joshua Winslow
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Joshua Winslow discovered the beautiful west coast while in pursuit of a worldwide mission of giving back. “It’s a privilege to serve on trips, share chiropractic and help people who are less fortunate that me.” He was on a chiropractic trip to Asia to “give back to [his] heritage,” when he found the west coast. Mission trips helped him to awaken to a higher purpose that created depth and meaning to his profession. “I spent so much time in academia that I finally felt grounded being in a profession that I felt so connected with.”


“Chiropractic is an opportunity to triangulate the connection between philosophy, science and art so that I may facilitate healing.” This applies to his joy of teaching Taijiquan. It has a strong connection between chiropractic and its own philosophical roots of healing and health. This guided his goal is to empower people with exercise, nutrition and chiropractic, so they may rehabilitate their brain, organs and muscular-skeletal function. This interest expanded him into sport’s chiropractic, nutritional testing and organ entrapment work.


“I am blessed to have studied SOT intensively while in school, because I love how it explains why people need the care I provide. It taught extremity, spinal, cranial, low back and organ adjusting. I’m thankful to be able to be a part of lifestyle and profession where I am in alignment spiritually and physically.